Out of all the title companies that we have utilized over the past ten years or so, Bailey Woodruff has been the most consistant and reliable of them all.  We have enjoyed the personalized service and communication that Stephanie & Lorna have provided us.   Keep up the good work.

Allan Greenbery, President
Lighthouse Cove Timeshares


I’m always so happy to send my clients to your office.  I know they will be extremely well taken care of and you always do whatever it takes to close my files.    I really appreciate you.

Best wishes.


When you are working with Buyers and Sellers, the closing process can be confusing and tedious.    Lorna and Stephanie of Bailey Woodruff Title have, over the course of many years, always made the process as pleasant as possible for my clients.   To be highly recommended!

Pat O’Neil
Preferred Properties International Realty

I have been working with Mary for 19 years, and that, in itself, speaks volumes.  My clients always comment, after the closing, that it was painless and that is due to Amy and her colleagues, who always go the extra mile, to make sure that everyone is satisfied.

Patti Karlin
Patricia A. Karlin P. A.

…….. the best outfit I have ever dealt with.  The professionalism exudes and all are a genuine pleasure to deal with.  After multiple closings with the girls, I say why go anywhere else ??

David Erbe
Website: http://daviderbe.gsigllc.com

I have had the pleasure of working with Sarah Parker and the Bailey Woodruff Title Company team extensively over the past 7 years and have appreciated more than just their ability to provide high quality title insurance and associated services.   They constantly demonstrate how well connected they are to the real estate industry and use their connectivity to help their clients expand their relationships and have better access to deal flow and information.   Their influence in the industry is that of a principal organization rather than just a service provider, and their knowledge and influence within the Southern Florida community is unrivaled.   If you demand the best relationships and the most capable people to be involved in your transactions, then you need to add Bailey Woodruff to your team.

48 Wall Street, 11th Floor Suite 20
New York, N.Y. 100005

Having been a Realtor in Broward County for 35 years, I have had many experiences with title companies and real estate attorneys.   I can state, unequivocally, that there is no better company to do business with than Bailey Woodruff Title.  The staff is professional and always available to answer my questions and concerns.  I recommend them highly.

Ellie Maio.  Broker/Agent
Campbell & Rosemurgy Real Estate

Bailey Woodruff performs professionally, with precision and patience.  Their team gets the job done with a smile!

Stuart Weiser
Preferred Properties International Realty

Campbell and Rosemurgy’s “The Real Estate Pair” uses Bailey Woodruff Title Company with confidence whenever possible.  We know, undoubtedly, that they will get the job done properly, will keep us notified of all activity, and will smile, even through the tough ones.   There are many title companies out there, but “The Real Estate Pair” proudly endorses Bailey Woodruff.

Dineen Grosso & Rachael Kobin

I feel confident in recommending the services of Bailey Woodruff Title Company.  Their knowledge and attention to detail has aided in keeping my transactions on track and, most importantly, in keeping my clients satisfied.   The staff are not only thorough, but easy to work with, and are always professional.  They have helped me in earning a good name for my Real Estate services.

Teri Arcuri Ginsburg
Property Source Associates

I have been referring my clients to Bailey Woodruff for over ten years.  I can be assured they are given the best service and most competitive pricing available.   Many of my clients have carried on using them for years after my introduction.  All of the girls at Bailey Woodruff go the extra mile to make each and every borrower feel like their most valued client … no matter how small of a transaction it may be.

Karen Hammett-Grosz
Howard Grace & Associates

“Why should you choose Bailey Woodruff as your Title Company? “

Buying and selling your home can be a very emotional time.  Although we hope it will be a time of joy and excitement, sometimes things do not always go as planned.  It is very important to have a strong relationship with your title company so that all closings, challenging or celebratory, will have a happy ending.    I have been working with Bailey Woodruff for many years.  I have found them to be very qualified and reliable individuals, with a strong emphasis on customer service.  I look forward  to all my closings because I know my customers will have a pleasant experience and will be treated with the utmost respect.  Mary and her team always greet my clients with a warm welcome, offer goodies throughout their stay and never let them leave empty handed.  My real estate broker has a very qualified title company in house: however, I always choose Bailey Woodruff for my transactions.  Their service is so hands on and personal that I can happily say I feel they have become more like friends or family to me rather than just business associates.  I would suggest that anyone who wants impeccable customer service with the security of knowing there are years of experience in house, meet the team at Bailey Woodruff.  They help make my real estate career a happy one … and they are pet friendly, too!!   When it comes to title work…. I wouldn’t change a thing!

Lucinda Kingston
Keller Williams

To whom it may concern:

I recommend Bailey Woodruff Title Company for buying and selling properties, whether commercial or residential.  I have purchased and sold numerous properties throughout the years, and I will only use Bailey Woodruff as my title company.   They went thousand miles out of their way to secure my rights, and they gave me excellent service, through their leader team, Mrs. Sarah Parker.

And when it comes to money, you can trust them 100%: their business check is better than a cashier’s check.

It is very rare to find a company like Bailey Woodruff: their team is unique, professional, honest and transparent.

I rate them A++ company and they work with conscious to secure customer’s rights.

Thank you
Raffi & Roula Maalouf

Just wanted to thank you for writing more on Stewart.  Your agency, along with only a couple others, are always current with your reconciliation’s and reporting of polices and premiums to Stewart.  I constantly have to remind many of the others to do so.  I don’t believe I’ve ever received a single complaint etc. with your agency.  Thanks for running such a clean operation.

Ron Rentz
Agency Services Manager
Stewart Title Guaranty Company
391 Clematis; Suite 207
West Palm Beach, FL 33401   561-655-3121    http://www.stewart.com/florida

Thank you Mary for being a great agent.  We appreciate all that you do for Stewart.  I hope I will get to see you on my next visit to South Florida.

Kurt Blass
Senior Vice President
Florida District Manager
Stewart Title Guaranty Company
3401 West Cypress Street  Second Floor
Tampa, FL 33607   813-877-6337   Stewart.com/florida